How’s This for Irony?

So, last week I’m browsing through Craigslist and I responded to an ad (in my town) for girls clothes and shoes (like my girls need more clothes).

I don’t hear anything back and forget about it, until tonight when I receive an email back from them.  I open the email and read who it’s from. 

It was from the wife of my first serious boyfriend.


I’ve only seen him once since graduation.  It was last year while I was working at the mall during the Christmas season.  It was awkward, but nice to see a familiar face in the sea of impatient holiday shoppers.

But really?  I’m kind of weirded out because I have links to my blogs as my email “signature”.  My blogs have, well, my life poured out in them, plus links to my Facebook and MySpace profiles, along with all the other places where I hang out.

I’m sure they won’t look at my stuff, but if they do…Hey!  How are ya? What do you think of my blog?

Yeah, I’m a dork.

But I’m ok with that.  🙂


4 thoughts on “How’s This for Irony?

  1. That post was just too awsome!!! I don’t know I think it would be kind of cool that your Ex was interested in finding out how your life turned out. Hopefully they will check it out and see just how awsome you are!

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