Photostory Friday: Playing Dress Up

PhotoStory Friday
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This afternoon, Emma and Taylor played dress up…together.

I know, wild, huh?

This is the best part…Taylor initiated the playing.

(Quick note for those who not regularly follow my blog…my daughter, Taylor is non verbal autistic.  She has several learning delays and lacks socially.  For her to initiate this kind of play is very exciting for us.  BLOG-worthy even. 🙂  Enjoy the rest of the story!)

I was in the bathroom with Emma, getting her pottied and such, when Taylor comes barging into the bathroom with both of the their Halloween costumes.  (We kept the costumes out because Emma is so into dress up right now.)  I asked them if they wanted to play dress up and Emma screamed “Yeah!” and Taylor heaved both costumes at me.

I assumed that Taylor would wear hers and Emma would wear hers, so I started to put Taylor in the Raggedy Ann costume and it was soon apparent that Taylor wanted to wear Emma’s Sleeping Beauty costume.


(Unfortunately, this was the only full body shot Taylor would let me get.  She was being a turkey.  Don’t ya dig the boots with the dress?)

Emma was not happy about it at first, but then obliged her sister and dressed as Raggedy Ann.  And she even offered Taylor her Sleeping Beauty crown, but I dismissed that idea quickly.  It was a nice gesture, but Emma probably wouldn’t have had a crown left after Taylor got through with it.  😉


It was really neat to see Taylor do something like this.  I was a proud mama.  They didn’t really “play” much together after getting in the costumes, but the fact that Taylor wanted Emma to dress up with her is pretty cool. 

Each day brings my girls closer and closer.  Their relationship is simple, but complicated at the same time.  Emma acts as Taylor’s big sister, instead of the opposite.  That’s a tough one for me.  But Emma is a good big/little sister all the same.  She has learned to accept Taylor for who she is, although she doesn’t really understand that Taylor is different.  (But awesome!)

In time she will learn, though, and I hope the strong bond they are forming now is enough to help them remain close as they grow into teenagers and adults.

Today was a fun day, a happy day, of girls being girls and differences being put aside. 

Isn’t it great what a couple of old Halloween costumes can do?  🙂


14 thoughts on “Photostory Friday: Playing Dress Up

  1. How cool that she initiated! I still am amazed when my younger son initiates imaginative play too – Gotta love siblings!

  2. Funny – Emmy wore her witch costume from Halloween most of the day yesterday too. How wonderful that Taylor initiated the dress up – what fun!

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