Happy Birthday, Aaron!


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Today, my baby, is 10 years old.   Where has the time gone?  It hardly seems possible that ten years have past already.  He’s grown from a blonde haired, blue eyed, curious toddler, into  a smart, talented and funny boy almost overnight. 

For a long time, it was just him and me.  We were buds.  Sometimes I miss how close we used to be.  Not to say we still aren’t close, but mom isn’t numero uno in his life anymore.  I think the dog beat me out…LOL.

The collage above has photos of Aaron from birth until now.  I thought that it would be a little more fun than posting a gazillion random photos.  It was easy with the girls, but on this one, I had to work!  The first 5 years I wasn’t digital yet, so I had to sift through a ton of photos, then I had to look through my ginormous stack of CD’s for the rest.  It was really fun to see him grow and change through the years.

My Birthday message to Aaron:


You came into my life at a time when up was down and down was up.  I was young and stupid, and you were small and helpless.  The odds were against us, you know.  I felt that the whole world was just waiting for me to fail, and there were times that I thought that failing was inevitable.

You changed me.  Brought out the mommy in me.  Taught me that anything was possible if I just put my mind to it.  And because of my new found determination to be a good mom, we thrived.

I look back at the last 10 years in awe.  In awe of you, of me, and where life has taken us.  Things are so different than I ever imagined they would be for us.  We’ve come a long way, baby.

Enjoy this day, Aaron and all it holds for you.  Enjoy every day, because each  day is a new beginning, with new adventures to have. 

Happy Birthday.

Love Always,



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