Photostory Friday: Taylor’s Artwork

PhotoStory Friday
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A few weeks back I mentioned the fact that Taylor was moving to a new classroom at school.  At first we thought it wouldn’t be until after Christmas break, but after a few “trial runs” in the new class she was ready for it, so it was decided to move her early.

This class is a lot different than her old one.  This class is basically a pre-k class, where her other class was more like one on one preschool, so she’s doing a lot more age appropriate activities now…which brings us to her artwork!




These beautiful pieces of art came home with her this week.  Her very first school art projects.

She has come a long way in three years.

Three years ago, she paid no attention to anything around her.  She was oblivious to the world.  She could not walk (at 2 1/2!) and had severe learning delays.

Now, she is a totally different child.  She can communicate, she’s walking, she pays attention to the world around her.  She still has the delays, but she has progressed in leaps and bounds.

And now she’s bringing home art that she (mostly) made. 

I am one proud mama.


10 thoughts on “Photostory Friday: Taylor’s Artwork

  1. I have read the best way to preserve all the art work, so you don’t have a big folder full of stuff, is to take photos like this and make a digital scrapbook. Thats what I plan to do… and she made some cute stuff!

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