Photostory Friday: I Learned Something New

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek  

As most of you know, I love photography.  People are my speciality…especially my kids…for one they are gorgeous(!) (No bias there…heh.) and two because they are readily available when I get the itch to get clicky.
This week I tried something new…I made my own backdrop using fabric, a couple of light stands, and some utility clips (I guess that’s what you call them.  I found them in the hardware section.).
I had read about other photographer making similar set ups and decided to give it a whirl. I got the light stands a few months ago but never even looked at them until last week.   I bought some plain black fabric (easy for a starter backdrop) and the clips at Walmart.  That’s all I needed.
I set it up on Monday morning, when the light in my living room was the best.  Emma was my only kiddo here, so she was my lucky tester person.
Sometimes she is not thrilled with being my guinea pig.
But she perked up eventually.  🙂
I was even able to get a few in of Taylor after she got home from school.
I was thrilled to get a smile out of her! 
Unfortunately, I do not have any of Aaron, yet…with him in school all day it hasn’t been possible, yet…but I’m planning on getting him this weekend.  Also, I am planning on getting one of Doug and me…the most recent (good) photo of us is almost 2 years old…time for an update!
I am really excited about this!  Now that I know what I’m doing (Heh.) I think I’ll start looking for different fabrics to make new and more unique backdrops.
This will definitely keep me busy until the deep freeze wears off and we can go outdoors again.  🙂
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12 thoughts on “Photostory Friday: I Learned Something New

  1. Those look great! If you want a cool muslin effect try tie-dying a white sheet with black and dark brown.
    Your lighting looks fantastic — and your kids are beautiful.
    You’ll never have to buy those awful school pictures again!

  2. Great idea. With the weather being so wet and cold here I haven’t been able to go outside to take photos, so inside it has to be. A fabric backdrop sounds just the job – I’m off to Dunelm Mill to scour the bargain bin for some!

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