I Wanted Answers and I Got Them

Have you ever wished for something and then when it happened you wished it hadn’t?

That’s how I feel now.

I have been hell bent on finding out why Aaron was having horrific headaches around Christmas.

I have some answers, now.   Although part of me wishes I didn’t.

Aaron had a  stroke on Christmas Day.  Followed by a spasm in the same area 5 days later (the 2nd episode).


A stroke.

I about fell out of my chair when the doctor told us.

Fortunately, there are no side affects that we can see.  He hasn’t lost any of his motor, speech, or cognitive skills.

Now, the question is: “Why did he have the stroke??”

So yesterday, after the meeting with the neurologist, we went to a pediatric cardiologist, where they checked his heart for defects.  The thinking behind that is to make sure he didn’t have a blood clot go into his brain from his heart.  As far as we can tell, his heart is looking good. 🙂

He also had to have a crap ton of blood drawn.  I kid you not, they took 14 vials of blood from him!  They are testing for various things, things that  I have never heard of before.

Next on the list was another MRI, which he had this morning.  I believe this was going to be a more concentrated look at the affected area and of the neck.

Now that the testing is done, we have to wait.

I hate waiting.

Because when I wait, I wonder.  I wonder what could have been done to prevent this.  I wonder why it didn’t show up on the initial CT scan they he had done on Christmas.  I wonder if he’ll have another one.

Like seriously, I’m soo glad it’s not tumors or cancer.  But a stroke?  At 10?  I just don’t understand.   We are in complete disbelief right now.  Our only comfort is that he’s seemingly ok.  He’s at home with us, living his life and not in the hospital with severe brain damage.  In that respect we (especially him) are extremely lucky.

This is all I know right now.  I will update as information is made available.  Please keep us (especially Aaron) in your prayers.


UPDATE: (2/6/09, 4:08pm) I received a call from the neurologist’s office a little while ago.  Aaron’s stroke was caused by a blockage in his middle cerebral artery.   From what he can see, Aaron’s posterior cerebral artery has taken over for the blocked artery and is providing ample blood flow to the affected area.  That is why Aaron has retained all his functions.  We still do not know what caused the blockage.  We hope that once his blood tests are in we will have that answer.  I suppose it will be then when a course of action is decided.

I will update more soon!

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9 thoughts on “I Wanted Answers and I Got Them

  1. Aww, gosh, Chantelle. You are absolutely right to find the reasons to be glad, but this is so scary! That being said, neurosurgeons of today are mega-brilliant, and whatever it is, they will find it and figure it all out. I’m so glad he’s okay for now, and I am going to pray that Angels keep it that way until the doctors can figure out how to fix whatever is wrong. I’m so sorry, though. Hugging you!!!

  2. I am in shock that he had a stroke at 10, but like you, I’m thankful that he is ok and that it isn’t something worse.

    Sending hugs to all of you and prayers that things will continue to look up and Aaron’s health can return to that of a 10 year old boy.

    I’m so sorry that you guys are going through this.

  3. Just remember that ‘information is power’, and you are doing the right thing finding out all you can about this. Then you can set about doing something to ensure it never happens again. WM x

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  5. Oh, I’m so sorry. This must be very scary. To let you know, my sister had a stroke at 18. It resulted in some seizures until she finally agreed to be consistent in taking her medication. She’s 37 now and off of her meds and seizure-free, plus completely healthy. And a doctor. Hang in there. I’ll be thinking of you.

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