Just When We Thought We Were in the Clear…

We got the results of Aaron’s blood work last week.  They found a genetic an0maly that causes his blood to clot too much, which is why he had the blood clot that caused his stroke. 

So what does that mean for Aaron?

It means, that with a few restrictions, Aaron can go back to being a 10 year old kid.  No surgery!  Whew!

He has to take (well, continue to take) baby aspirin every day along with 1 mg of folate.  These will help to keep his blood from over clotting and prevent another stroke from happening.  He will most likely have to take those for the rest of his life.  In my opinion, that’s a small price to pay for his continued good health.

His other restrictions are that he can never play any sort of contact sport or engage in activities where the risk of hitting his head are high.  So that means no football, hockey, martial arts, etc.  Fortunately, baseball is good, but he is still out for this season.  =(

So, I’m sure that by now, you are wondering what my title is alluding to, right?  Aaron is good, no surgery, everything’s cool…what could possibly be happening now?

Taylor needs surgery.

I know, crazy, right?!

So while we were dealing with all of Aaron’s issues, we noticed a rather large bump on her groin area.  We only happened to see it because she was crying after her bath ( it is only visible if she is causing some sort of strain to the area…laughing, crying, etc.).  I knew right then that it was a hernia.

I took her to the doctor on Tuesday and they told me what I had feared: she will need to have surgery to correct the hernia.  We had avoided surgery with one problem and need it for another.

We are going to see a pediatric surgeon next month.  I’m guessing that the surgery will be in late May or early June.  It really hasn’t hit me yet…I’m sure it will once we meet with the surgeon.  Then I’ll be a wreck for sure.

I’m just hoping that once this is done, that my kids stay healthy for a while!  We are having a difficult year when it comes to that!

I want to extend my thanks to all of you that lent your support our way during Aaron’s health scare.  Just knowing that all of you cared and were concerned about us during that trying time means the world to all of us. 

As we begin to face another trying time, I only ask that you keep us in your hearts and pray for us (especially Taylor!)  Thanks so much!

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5 thoughts on “Just When We Thought We Were in the Clear…

  1. Despite all the turmoil you go thru with your children you are so optomistic and speak in jest, almost. That shows a great deal of strength, in my eyes. I just wonder how much one mother really needs to take!!!

  2. I have always tried to have an optimistic outlook on life. In these bad times, I hope that trying to be as positive as I can be will help my children through these obstacles. It is hard for me to be this way, though, when I know my kids are hurting…I wish I could go through theses things for them. ☺

  3. Oh no! I am sorry to hear about Taylor. I know it will be hard to watch your baby go through the surgery, but I am guessing it is a pretty routine surgery and hopefully it will go smoothly and everything can get back to “normal” for you guys!

  4. I know this type of surgery if fairly routine, it’s just the fact that we were able to avoid it with Aaron only to have Taylor have to go through it. Not to mention the fact that her delays are going to make it hard for her to understand what’s happening to her.

  5. The Greatest Pain
    They say there’s no pain
    in heavan and earth
    like that felt by a woman
    when she’s giving birth
    But Mother’s know better
    Than all those “experts”,
    Her pain’s 10 times greater
    when her baby hurts.
    love you,Mom

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