11 Years Ago Today…

I was:

1. 18 years old.

2. Pregnant.

3. FREAKING OUT because it was my due date!

But, alas, my stinker of a son decided not to arrive for another 9 days.

Normally, I don’t even give this date a second thought, but for some reason, this year is different.  I’m thinking it’s because it’s the exact day of my due date (Monday, November 23 instead of just any November 23).

Does that make sense or am I totally mental?  On second thought, don’t answer that.

Anyhoo… here’s a rundown of how my last 9 days of my first pregnancy went:

Monday, November 23, 1998

Spent the entire day freaking out because I thought  by some miracle Aaron was going to magically know that he was due that day and just be born.

Tuesday, November  24 and Wednesday, November  25, 1998

Started thinking that this whole due date thing was a sham.  Went to the OB who told me he’d most likely be a  Thanksgiving baby.  Then I worried that I would have him on Thanksgiving and miss dinner. (As you can tell, I totally had my priorities straight.)

Thursday, November 26, 1998 (Thanksgiving)

Was relieved that I was not having the baby yet and promptly ate like 6  Thanksgiving meals that were about 6 bites apiece because I had NO ROOM FOR FOOD.

Friday, November 27, 1998

Spent the day out walking (we had really mild weather that year…kind of like this year) with my mom, brothers and sister hoping to move things along a bit.  Didn’t happen.

Saturday, November 28, 1998

Practiced Voodoo magic while hoping it would make me go into labor. KIDDING!  Actually I just laid around all day.  I was really uncomfortable.

Sunday, November 29, 1998

Woke up with an aching back.  Didn’t know it at the time, but I was in LABOR!

Monday, November 30 and Tuesday December 01, 1998

Was absolutely miserable.  Went to my weekly OB appointment and they said I was in labor.  And it was back labor so all the pain was in my back and not my abdomen.  Good to know.  Was told that I was not ready to go to the hospital yet but sitting in a hot tub ( or a really hot bath) would help the pain.  I did and it was heavenly (while it lasted).

Wednesday, December 02, 1998

Went to the hospital about 4 am.  Tests showed that Aaron was in distress and I was told I was too far gone in labor for a C- Section so I pushed him out the old fashioned way with no drugs and 20 nurses pushing on my belly.  Ok, well maybe 2, but it felt like 20.  When Aaron was born at 4:49 am he had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, was blue and not attempting to breathe.  They whisked him away to a table across the room to work on him for what seemed like hours even though it was only a couple of minutes.  Meanwhile, I was trying to get off the bed to go see him and had to have people hold me back.  Not one of my best moments.  Fortunately they were able to get him breathing and he never suffered any side affects from the lack of oxygen.  He did suffer a nasty cut on his forehead (from the forceps) from which he still has the scar.


Someone was looking out for us that day.  I am glad they did.


Well look at that, I just went and told the whole story of Aaron’s birth and his birthday is not even until next week.

Oh well, that will give me time to find some old photos of him to post on his actual birthday.



2 thoughts on “11 Years Ago Today…

  1. aww, I love that photo of the two of you! I am totally with you, even now for me, about the priorities. My biggest goal right now is to not be in the hospital on Christmas. And Thanksgiving too, but I don’t expect that to happen! 🙂

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