An Approaching Anniversary

With Christmas approaching at warp speed, I find myself dwelling more and more on the anniversary that is almost upon us.  The 1 year anniversary of Aaron’s stroke is Christmas day.

Looking back, that day started out so normal.  Well, as normal as Christmas is, anyway.  Doug and I had no idea, as we sat and watched the kids open their loot, that our lives were going to  take a drastic turn in just a few short hours.

I still can’t believe that he came out of that situation with out any lasting affects.  Especially since we didn’t know he’d even had a stroke until February.  He was incredibly lucky, in that respect.  He still has a few restrictions, like no activities that could cause head trauma (football, martial arts, etc.) and he has to take medication daily for the rest of his life.  But, really, that’s a small price to pay considering what the outcome of all this could have been. 

Aaron’s really looking forward to this spring and to the return of baseball.  He missed last season and was pretty bummed about it.  I’m also looking forward to having him back in baseball again.  It will be a triumph of sorts for him.  Things will never be like they were, but this will bring back a little of the normalcy we’ve missed in the last year.



I can’t finish this post without mentioning Anissa Mayhew.  Anissa is a fellow blogger who suffered a massive stoke last month.  She is recovering slowly, but has a long road ahead of her. 

I do not know Anissa personally, but I’ve read that she’s a fantastic person.  A person who did not deserve this at all.

I’ll never understand fate. 

How 2 people can have the same (or similar) thing happen to them and one can flawlessly recover, while the other has to fight hard for a recovery?

In that way, life can be so unfair.

My heart hurts for her and her family. 


This Christmas, I’ll saying thanks for my son’s recovery and praying for another’s. 

I hope you’ll pray for Anissa, too.



One thought on “An Approaching Anniversary

  1. Thank God that Aaron is ok, and I can’t believe it’s been a year since that horrible event.

    My friend, super healthy in both diet and exercise, just had a stroke a couple of months ago (she’s 34) She’s recoving slowly but surely, and has already had a heart surgery, but it truly unbelievable that it can happen to these people that we’d never expect.

    Continuing to pray for Aaron…

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