A {Successful!} Visit with Santa


I can’t believe it!  I actually got the kids to see Santa and no one cried!  No one threw a fit!  It must be some sort of Christmas MIRACLE!

After having 2 disappointing visits in a row, I decided that this year I would take the kids by myself, in the morning to avoid the long lines.  Aaron didn’t want to participate in the photo, which I was ok with, so he was my designated helper.

Emma was super excited and even colored Santa a picture (she was also super excited last year and chickened out at the last minute).  I wasn’t sure if Taylor was going to want to see him. I decided early on that if she hesitated at all, I wouldn’t force her and that would be that.

We got there at a great time and only waited a short time.  When our turn came up, Emma went right up to him and gave him her picture.  Then she sat on his lap for the photo.  Taylor did not want to and that was ok.  So Emma talked with Santa and told him what  she wanted for Christmas. 

I am so proud of her. =)





My goal for next year is for both girls to be in the photo.  We’ll see.  =)



3 thoughts on “A {Successful!} Visit with Santa

  1. While I’m happy for you that it was painless and enjoyable…it wasn’t nearly as funny as the other ones. Is this the same Santa Claus-did he see you coming and go on break? I kid, I kid.

    Merry Christmas to you all!

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