Saturday Morning Rambling

It’s Saturday morning.

It’s early, like 7 AM early and because of last week’s time change, it’s pitch black outside.

I am the only one awake in the house, which is surprising because Aaron’s internal clock is usually set to 7 AM, if not earlier. 

Maybe, at 11, he is finally starting to grasp the need love of sleep.

I love sleep.

But, here I sit, up early, because apparently, I can’t sleep past 7AM any more.

Lots of stuff on my mind lately.

Mostly the new house and the move.

With any luck we’ll close next week, which is good, because the kids are on spring break the week after and we’ll be able to be there a lot that week and tend to some odds and ends there.

We haven’t packed much here.  I am not looking forward to that. I wish I could just snap my fingers and everything from this house could *POOF* over to the new place.

It seems like we just got everything unpacked here.


It looks like Taylor will be heading back to her old school.  After 3 visits to her potential classroom, she has opened up a lot.  They saw a lot more out of her in 3 visits, than her regular teacher saw from her most of the year.

I hate to admit that.

I know she has made some progress at her current school, but she’s so guarded there.  She really dislikes being there. 

I know she will be happy with this move.

Plus, she will be on a full time schedule, which Doug and I have  really wanted for her.


We’ve had some gorgeous weather here lately.  The past 3 days we’ve been in the 60’s with lots of sun. 

But, of course, because this is Michigan, we can have nice weather at the end of winter, but not on the first day of spring.  Our forecast for today is rain/SNOW mix, high of 39.

39!  SNOW!  (I’m sure the snow, if any, won’t stick, thankfully.)

It was 64 yesterday!  No fair!

I take my weather seriously, yo.


It’s getting light, which means the kiddos will probably start stirring soon. 

I’m going to enjoy the quiet while I can.



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