Waiting for the Cable Dude

We closed on our new house 2 days ago. 


Now for the fun stuff.

Moving, cleaning and waiting for the cable dude (so we can have TV, internet and phone).

We were supposed to have it hooked up yesterday, but there were problems with the outdoor hookup so they said they’d be here between 2 and 5 today.

It’s 3:42.

And I’m waiting for the cable dude.

Yesterday the time frame was also 2 till 5.

Dude was here at 1:30.

The kids seem to like it here.  Even with very little here to occupy them they seem to be enjoying themselves.

I’ve been putzing around.  Doing a little of this and a little of that. 

Good thing we have running water today (turned on this morning). 

Kitchen faucet is janky.

It’s ok, though, Doug says I can pick out any one I want to replace it.

If that’s the case, I’ll pick a new one for the bathroom sink, too.

He should learn not to say stuff like that to me…it’s dangerous.

I seriously hope this guy shows up soon.


Cable showed up 10 minutes after I finished this post.




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