Little Ones

In the last couple of weeks I’ve done 2 One Year Old photo sessions.  This age is so much fun to photograph.  I just let them do their thing and I rarely have problems getting great photos.

The first set I did was for Lila. She’s the daughter of one of my classmates from high school.  She lives in Illinois, but was in town for the weekend, so we met up early in the day and Lila was more than willing to cooperate!






Isn’t she precious?

The other session I did was for my neice, McKenzie.  I love photographing her.  She’s so sweet and has a great personality.  Plus, she’s used to me chasing her around with my camera, so we didn’t have any issues there. =)






The cuteness!  It’s killing me!  

Little ones are too much fun, I tell ya,

If you’d like to see all the photo’s from these sessions, you can check out Lila’s here and McKenzie’s here.


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