Weekly Winners ~ July 18-24

Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners for July 18 – 24, 2010

Photos captured with a Canon Rebel XTi.

*Note* Due to injury (I sprained BOTH my ankles on Monday!) my view was pretty limited this week.  I still took photos every day, but most were from my post  on the couch.  I’m a bit more mobile now and will hopefully get a better set in next week!




My Mode of Transport (Hopefully Soon)


Like My Feet, This Fan does not Work


Finding New Ways to Occupy My Time


We Love Wii


Playing With Light


I Miss the Outdoors!


Weekly Winners is hosted every week by Lotus of i am lot.us.

Check out all my photos on my flickr photostream.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Winners ~ July 18-24

  1. Those checkers are so cool!! Hope you get up and moving soon! Sprains = no fun. BUT you did a great job still pulling off WWs. Might be a fun challenge to do sometime… photos from your couch or something like that. Could be fun!

  2. So sorry to hear about your sprain. Ouch! Your photos are wonderful!
    That light reminds me of the spirograph I had when I was a kid. So fun!

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