Zoo Trip 2010

This year we did not go on vacation like we have in previous years.  With buying our house in the spring and spending loads of money to fix it up, we decided that we would wait on a big vacation until next year.  We did, however, do some fun stuff this summer, like camping (we went twice) and a trip to the zoo. 

Doug and I wanted to go to a zoo we had not been to before, so we chose the Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, Indiana.  I had been there many years ago as a kid, but it had been so long that I still had that “new to me” feeling to it.

The kids had a blast.  (Although, I don’t know how much longer Aaron will enjoy this kind of stuff.  He’ll be 12 soon, and I think zoos aren’t as fun as they used to be for him.  He insists that he had fun this time, though.)  We saw lots of animals and I got lots of photos.  My favorite exhibit had to be the butterfly garden, because I was able to get photos like this:






There were a lot of cool animals at the zoo, too.






I got a photo of the kids…2 of 3 looking at me even!




After the zoo, we headed back into Michigan and to a place called Lunkers.  Lunkers is everything hunting and fishing. Perfect for this family.  Inside Lunkers is a restaurant called the Angler’s Inn.  The food was incredible!  The portions were huge for the price. 


My father in law’s lasagna!


Doug’s cheeseburger!


After dinner, we toured the stores.  There was literally something for everyone!








What a great way to celebrate the end of summer!

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