Goings On

Would you believe that one of my New Year’s “Resolutions” (read: things that I want to do, but probably won’t do) was to blog more?  26 days into 2011 and it’s already a bust.  That’s a new record!

No, really, I do want to blog more.  I get myself all ready to then blahhhhh. Nothing. 

So here we are.



See what I mean?



The kids are doing great.  Aaron is adjusting well to the middle school scene.  He’s 5’ 8” tall now.  That’s 2 inches taller than me.  He’s 12.  I expect he’ll be as tall as Doug in about a year or so.  I never imagined when he was a baby that I’d have to look up at him by the time he was 13. Kind of a  scary thought.  He’s doing well with band and just started playing in the middle school jazz band.  It’s a lot of fun seeing him perform.  Brings back lots of memories.



Taylor is Taylor.  She has her good days and her not so good days.  She’s a little more verbal now.  It surprises me how smart she really is!  ( Not saying that I don’t think she’s smart…it just amazes me when she says or does something new….makes my day!) 

She keeps the staff at school on their toes, that’s for sure!  I love to hear stories about her goings on at school.  On Monday, she wanted ranch for her chicken nuggets and her table didn’t have any.  She couldn’t quite relay what she wanted to her teacher, so she got up from the table and swiped a neighboring table’s ranch!  She was so proud of herself!  I wish I could have seen it in person.



Emma is enjoying school, also.  I had no doubt that she would, she’s only been wanting to go since she was 2.  A couple weeks into the school year, we ended up putting her into young 5’s.  (She was in Kindergarten.)   She was the youngest in the class (4 at the start of the year.) and was not quite ready.  The transition went smoothly and she is doing wonderfully.  She’s learning to write and all the letters and their sounds.  She runs around the house saying things like “Duh, duh, dog starts with D!”  It always cracks me up when she says things like “ Nuh, nuh, Knife starts  with N!”  Then when we explain that “knife starts with K” and she looks at us like we are crazy people.  Cause 5 year olds know everything, right?

We’ve been at our new house for almost 10 months, now.  I can’t believe that in a few short months, we will have been here a year.  We have done a lot of work on it (all 3 kids’ rooms, living room and family room), but there’s still a lot to do.  Our next big project is the dining room.  I’m looking forward to doing this room, it’ll be the most extensive change, yet.

I’m still doing photography and LOVING it.  I’m in the market for a camera upgrade and it will most likely be happening soon.  I can’t wait!

We also have a vacation in the works for the beginning of March…more details as plans become more concrete.  I’ll say this, though, it will be the biggest vacation we’ve ever taken!  {Squee!}

So, for now, I’ll hang this up.  It felt good to write all this…maybe I’ll catch the “writing bug” again soon!


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