Florida Vacation Recap | Day 1

Earlier this month we (Doug, me, the kids and my FIL Dave) left this icky Michigan weather and headed south to the lovely state of Florida.  It was my (and the kids’) first time to Florida and our first time on a plane.  I was pretty nervous and the turbulence we experienced on the way there didn’t help things much.  Especially when Aaron yelled out that we were going to die.  I bet the people around us really loved that!

From the moment we landed I was in awe…not just because of the warm weather (which was lovely, by the way) but I was instantly drawn to the palm trees.  Call me crazy, but as a born and bred Michigan girl, palm trees were always something exotic, almost fantasy like to me.  Seeing them in person was just way too cool.

We stayed at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. We were in a cabin, which was so awesome.  It was a little small, but for the amount of time we were actually in the cabin (sleeping and breakfast mainly) it worked for us.

Our first full day was spent at the Magic Kingdom.  I could not believe how busy the park was.  There were people everywhere!  And it was March!  And it was a Monday!

Right off the bat Emma got to see what she’d been waiting for…Cinderella’s Castle!

Our day was filled with lots of sun, fun, laughs and new memories.  I waited with Emma to see a few of the characters.  She was fortunate enough to meet her favorite Princess, Belle.

I was (and still am) amazed at how much Taylor enjoyed the day (and the whole trip for that matter).  I was so worried that she’d have issues with all the noise and people.  But that’s the thing about Taylor, she adapts so well.  She wanted to ride all the rides and she enjoyed them a lot.  Our first ride of the day was the Dumbo ride.  We waited an hour and ten minutes to ride the ride, and then it only went around 6 times…oh well we had fun anyway.

Aaron had a fun day, too.  He rode Space Mountain  and the Pirates of the Caribbean with Doug and had a blast.  He picked up this cool wristband in Adventure Land.  I was going to get one, too but never got around to it.  I wish I would have.

Unfortunately, we did not see the parade or fireworks that day.  By nightfall Taylor had had enough and had a decent meltdown.  Once we headed out of the park she was better, she knew we were getting the heck out of there!  Just because we left early, doesn’t mean I didn’t get a photo of Cinderella’s Castle all lit up…

Look at all the people!  The castle looks so beautiful!

So that’s it for day one.  We took it easy for day 2 with a trip to Gatorland, but that’s a post for later!


2 thoughts on “Florida Vacation Recap | Day 1

  1. Awesome photos! The castle at night looks fantastic-better than any photo of the castle I’ve ever seen!

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