Florida Vacation Recap | Day 4

Day four of our Florida adventure led us to Sea World.  We knew this place would be a hit with everyone.  Not as busy as Disney, but still loads of fun.


As with every place we’d been there were flamingos.  Taylor and Emma really liked the Sting Rays.  Aaron, not so much.





There were so many pretty flowers everywhere.  I wanted to scoop them all up and take them home.  I settled for photos.




We had so much fun checking out all the different animals.  Turns out, Taylor is partial to dolphins!


The penguins are always my favorite!





The manatees look like blobs.



We took a short break after the sharks, and the kids started to get goofy.




Then we went to Shamu Stadium to see the killer whales!









I took advantage of any opportunity to get photos of the kids together.



We actually got a family photo, too!


The end of the day brought us a big dinner (we had to finish what we had in the cabin so as not to waste it) and lots of packing.  We had no problems at the airport the next day and our flight went well.  The very last photo I took on vacation was this overhead view of Savannah, Georgia (too bad it was cloudy) as we flew over.


It was cloudy, cold and snowy when we returned to Michigan.  Quite honestly, I didn’t expect anything better.  I am glad to be home, but I miss the palm trees!

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