Cleaning Up

I am not sure what day I will actually be able to post this, as I am, for the most part,  without power until Thursday (7/14/11).  Unless I go some where with wi-fi, I won’t be able to post this for a while.

Yesterday, at about 10:45 am, a massive storm ripped through the area.  Most of our town made it through unscathed, but, unfortunately, our little street took a lot of the damage.  There were a couple of trees down in streets near us, but the damage here was the worst that I saw in my drive about town yesterday afternoon.  Neighboring towns also had a lot of damage and power outages.

I was aware that bad weather was near and was able to get the kids in the basement.  I was shutting windows and calling Doug, letting him in on the situation.  The worst of the storm lasted only a few minutes, but the damage was incredible.

After the worst was over, I ventured out with my camera to check out the state of things.  We had lost power, and it pretty obvious why.  Trees , limbs and power lines were everywhere. 

The rest of my story is best depicted by photos…


Our front yard.



Our trash can.



Looking down the street.


















This is around the corner from us…two trees down, like a domino effect.









The neighbor’s flag is in our tree.




There is a  lot of cleaning up going on.  The sounds of chainsaws and generators are ever present today and will be for the days to come.  I am just glad that everyone was able to walk away from this unhurt and with their homes intact.

Straight line winds are being blamed for this incident.  I love a good storm, but I don’t want to experience one like this anytime soon.


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