Week in Review

What a week it has been!  Nothing about the last seven days has been remotely normal.  I am glad it’s over, hopefully next week won’t be quite so crazy!

Our week started off with a nasty thunderstorm that left us without power for over 3 days and without cable and internet for over 4 days.


Using a generator, we were able to have power to our refrigerator, TV, DVD player, a fan and a couple of outlets for charging cell phones.  We were very fortunate to have that.  I was never so thankful for a fan in all my life.

I experienced a beautiful sunset.



I watched Tangled nine times this week.


It’s a good thing that I love this movie.

I went to a midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with Doug, Aaron, my brother Marc and his girlfriend Linda.  It was EPIC.



I got a cool new case for my phone.  It is pink. LOVE IT.



Taylor turned eight.  I got teary eyed writing about her birthday.  There were lots of presents.  And pizza.



Aaron caught a snake.  He named it Bilbo.  Doug was excited, he loves snakes.



We had a family party for Taylor.  There was cake, laughs, and more gifts.



Today we went to breakfast with my father in law and my brother and sister in law.  I am in awe of how tall Aaron is getting.



This afternoon we went to an indoor waterpark to beat the heat.  We are at the beginning of what looks like will be the hottest week of the summer with temps in the 90’s.  Yippee! 

Tired and hungry, we got an early dinner.  Emma never fails to be the life of the party.



It was a strange week, but good in a lot of ways.  Another week starts tomorrow, my only hope is that it’s just as fun, but maybe a little less crazy.


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