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So, every once in a while I get curious.  “How do people find this blog?”  I know I get a t least 1 hit a day.  Some days I may even get {gasp!} 5!  I get that I don’t have the awesomest blog on the planet, but I do get hits and it’s fun to find out what is bringing the people to my yard.  Not the boys, but the people, because I am married and all.

That’s when I start checking my blog stats.  The fun stat to look at is the search engine terms.  It’s  basically when people google random things, and a link to my blog, or Sally Mae’s facebook page or Joe Schmoe’s family photo album comes up in the search results.

This, my friends, is a list of the top 10 searches that have led people to my little ol’ blog in the past 30 days.

10.  infected mosquito bites on face- I live in Michigan, we have mosquitos.

09.  little girls peeing- Um…gross?!

08.  water balloonWe like water balloons!

07.  bug bites on babiesPoor babies!  Keep them away from the skeeters!

06.  little girl peeingAgain with the pee?

05. dirty biker girls on cam I can tell you that there is not one dirty biker girl on this blog.

04. will first day 6th grade flickr Sure!

03.  gnat bites Do gnats bite?

02. 5 year anniversary Of what?  I hope it’s not gross.

01. mosquito bitesPeople are interested in mosquitos.   

I got some interesting ones this month!

Now, here’s a list of the top 5 searches of all time.

05. need to peeSounds like a personal problem.

04. drake bell hairBecause Drake Bell has awesome hair!  Totally being sarcastic!

03. i need to peePeople should be looking for a restroom instead of googling!  

02. funny kittiesNow who doesn’t love funny kitties?!

01. cartoon sunBetter than sunblock! 

If you have a blog and have not checked your search engine stats, do it!  Now!  I’m sure you’ll be surprised with the results!  I was. 


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