School Photos

People sometimes wonder why I pay money for school photos when I take so many photos myself.  There are a couple of reasons, really. 

1.) Continuity- I started having Aaron’s done when he was in kindergarten (before my interest in photography) and I wanted to continue the “tradition”.

2.) Ease- Sometimes my kids get sick of my sticking my camera in their faces.  Simple as that.  These the only photos I don’t have to worry about.

So, I shell out a crap ton of money for school photos.  The sad thing is that I get so geeked out about them.  Starting about 2 weeks (after picture day) I check the kids’ backpacks daily for their pictures and squeal with delight when I get them.

Unfortunately, I had a setback with Taylor’s pictures, so I am just getting them.  That’s the thing that stinks about letting someone else handle this stuff…mistakes can be made. 

Cliff notes version:  I sent in money on Taylor’s day only to have someone at the school (or the photographer) lose said money, only to find out the day before retakes.  I couldn’t find the outfit I had dressed her in on her original day, do I had to do something else.  Then, I get the photos and they are okay, except that she has glasses glare.

So, without further distraction, our 2011-2012 school photos:

Aaron – 7th grade



Taylor – 2nd grade



Emma – Kindergarten


All in all not too bad, right?  I kind of wish Taylor was smiling…but then again, she rarely smiles for school photos.  She almost looks a little mad.  Probably because the photographer wasn’t near as good as her mommy.  =)


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