Saturday Morning Roundup

Good Morning!

In honor of my birthday, which is tomorrow (yay!) I am posting pins of things I would like, in case anyone wants to help a gal out on her birthday.  I kid, I kid. 

But really, just a few things I’d love to own if reality wasn’t a factor.


As much as I would love this…I can’t ever imagine wearing it…but wow, isn’t it gorgeous?



I love this!  Totally does not match anything in my kitchen, but who cares?!

Source: via Chantelle on Pinterest


This is not an extravagant one.  I would like to have it nonetheless.



So adorable!  A little high for my tastes, but it would be so awesome in a flat.


Now I’m just being greedy.  =)



It’s not weird to want an adorable wee owl, is it?


Again, not super extravagant, but that color?  To die for!


I hope you enjoyed my birthday list!  Happy pinning and have a great weekend!


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