Project 52 of 2012 | Week 7

Chantelle McMillan 2012

This week was an interesting week.  We started it off with a couple inches of snow and ended with none at all.  Our winter has definitely been different.  Whenever we get snow, it sticks around for a couple of days, then it warms into the 40’s, we get rain and then the snow melts.

I woke up Monday with a cold and by Tuesday I was miserable.  Slowly, it’s been breaking up and I feel pretty good now.  I broke out my camera on Thursday afternoon to capture some of the many squirrels that have been running around outside.  With this wacky weather we’re experiencing, it seems I’ve seen a lot more animals (read: squirrels, chipmunks and birds) outside that I usually don’t see in mid February.


Frolic and Play

This week’s Honorable Mentions:


Looking for a Stash


Bright Eyes


Can’t get out to get a pic, but the sunset is lovely tonight.




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