Project 52 of 2012 | Week 9

Chantelle McMillan 2012

This week was pretty uneventful.  I can’t wait until spring gets here.  I miss going outside and taking tons of nature photos.  I have noticed that I do have dome plants starting to pop out of the earth…too bad this particular plant doesn’t flower until the end of June/early July.  My tulips should be coming up soon.  They are usually in bloom in April…given the warmer winter, they might bloom sooner than normal.  We shall see.

I really love the photo I have chosen for this week.  It’s of my daughter, Taylor.  She is a beautiful subject, but a tricky one also.  She thinks it’s funny to laugh and hide her face when I try to photograph her.  I took about 15 photos of her and maybe 4 were not blurry.  Oh well, I like a challenge.

I happened to catch her glancing out the window.  The light and her expression were perfect.


A Look Back

This week’s Honorable Mentions are as follows:

Photo Feb 28, 6 56 14 PM

Night Moves In

Photo Feb 29, 9 57 24 PM


Photo Feb 29, 10 38 03 AM

Fun Times Ahead {On Ice!}


Photo Mar 01, 10 45 56 PM

Psycho Kitty


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