Last Day of 7th Grade

At the risk of being too mushy, I am not going to gush about Aaron’s last day of school like I did Emma’s.  Apparently, it’s not cool to make a big fuss over these things anymore.  This is one of the many things I have learned in the whole 6 months I’ve been parenting a teenager.

I did manage to get a photo, though, so I could do my beginning of the year/end of the year comparison.


If I had to make a bet, I’d say he was much happier to be done with school than he was to start it.  Smile

September will bring the last year of middle school for Aaron.  I don’t know whether I am more shocked that I have an 8th grader, or the fact that in a year he will be starting high school.  Both prospects are mind blowing.

I have to wait a bit to post Taylor’s comparison photo.  She still has another week left, then she gets a couple of weeks off before starting back again in July.


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