It’s Getting Hot In Here

Remember in yesterday’s post when I said it was hot here?

Photo Jul 06, 3 47 57 PM

Yeah.  It’s still hot here.  And this is only the air temp (in the shade).  The heat index is 113.  I’m glad it’s lasting only a few days, unlike other areas.

Photo Jul 06, 2 40 07 PM

On another note, I really wish these were rain clouds.  I couldn’t tell you how long it’s been since we had decent (read: lasting more than 20 minutes) rainfall.  My guess would be sometime in May.  I think.

I should post a photo of my back yard.  It looks like we are hay farmers.  This is the 3rd summer that we’ve been in this house and I’ve never never seen it look this bad. 

There is a chance of rain tomorrow.  30% I think.  It’s been a 20 or 30% chance all week and it hasn’t panned out yet.  Crossing the fingers for tomorrow (and also hoping that it’s our last 100+ degree day for awhile!).

Maybe a rain dance is in order?  Ha! Only if I can do it in my air conditioned living room. Creature comforts, you know.  =)


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