Aaron’s Little League Pictures and an Update

This is Aaron’s baseball/team picture for this season. As you can see, he’s much bigger than most of the other children on his team (although this is not uncommon). They’ve had a pretty good season. Aaron has done quite well considering it’s his first year playing. They still have a few games left, but most likely will finish the season late next week.

Speaking of Aaron, his last day of school is on Tuesday. This school year flew by! Yesterday he met his 3rd grade teacher (Mrs. Emmert, for all you ex-Schoolcraftians) I didn’t have her for a teacher, but I think I may have had her as a substitute…not real sure on that one , though.

Now that Aaron is entering third grade, he will also be going to a different school. He’s moving from the lower elementary to the upper elementary (the school that I called middle school). The up and coming third graders got to see their “new” school and play on the playground, which has had a big makeover since I went there. He’s really excited about the whole thing.

I had a meeting with Taylor’s teacher on Monday. Every couple of months they will get video of her and I will come in to see her progress and talk to her teacher. Taylor is doing very well. In fact, she’s learning to ride a tricycle! Very exciting! They have a trike with an adult sized handle on the back so she can be pushed along. She puts her feet on the pedals and will keep them there. Eventually, the tutor will start pushing less and less until Taylor can pedal it herself. She loves it.

I also watched on her video a procedure she does that’s basically called “putting a peg in a pegboard” which consists of her putting a couple of plastic pegs into an 6×6 pegboard (duh). Anyway, what’s so neat about it is how she adapted to the task. These pegs are chunky (for little hands) and they have holes in the top. Taylor will put her finger in the hole, then maneuver the peg across the board with her finger until the peg goes into a hole. She was not taught to do it that way, she figured it out for herself which is fantastic because it demonstrates that she is developing her problem solving skills. She is a smart cookie. We are so proud of her!

Emma is still jabbering away. She’s putting together 3-4 word sentences now, which is freaking me out because she’s not even 2 yet. When we put Taylor on the bus for school Emma says “Bye bye, sissy. I love you.” It’s too sweet. She will also play hide and seek with Doug. He’ll hide from her and she runs through the house saying “Daadee, where are you?” Then when she finds him she’ll either say “There he is!” or “There you are!” There is never a dull moment when Emma is concerned.

As for me and Doug, we are doing good. Busy but good. Our 4th wedding anniversary is coming up next week. We will be going away for the weekend, but not until the weekend after our anniversary (22nd-24th). We have a wedding to go to next Saturday and the Sunday is Father’s Day, so we postponed our trip a week.

My brother Kyle is (finally) graduating from high school tonight. He’s been out of school since mid January. I will make sure to take pictures so I can do a post about it later.

Oh, I almost forgot, I am doing my senior picture shoot for Marc’s girlfriend (Kandes) on Sunday. She wants outdoor shots and the weather is looking perfect…I am so excited!

Busy, busy, that is what we are!