New Bling for My Camera

For Mother’s Day, Doug got me what I had been asking for…a new neck strap for my camera.

I was so sick of my Canon Strap.  First off, it’s ugly (sorry Canon). Secondly, it’s uncomfortable as hell.  So I started to shop around and that’s when I found it…the strap of mah dreams:


So, I ordered this on Mother’s Day and it came today.  I am so not disappointed.  It’s gorgeous.  Brown and Pink!  Plus, I love the metal accents.  It just brings everything together.  Oh, and it’s padded (so comfortable!).

Wanna know where I got it?

Check out their site.

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Weekly Winners ~ May 3 – 9


Weekly Winners

May 3 through May 9, 2009

Canon Rebel XTi

Happy Mother’s Day!





A Nice Place to Land



Pleasing Purple



In Full Bloom



Spring’s Glory



Ready to Open



Beautiful Blossoms



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Mother’s Day

This probably won’t be my most detailed post ever. Unfortunately, last night I developed a killer migraine coupled with nausea and some other things and it carried over to today, so right now I’m not feeling on top of things. It’s getting better and hopefully by tomorrow I will be back on track.

I did want to post about my mother’s day, so here goes…

Until the migraine hit, my day (actually the whole weekend) was going wonderfully. The kids got me some beautiful flowers and Doug got me the digital imaging software that I had been wanting forever and a day. Yay! That’ll really help for when I do that Senior pic shoot for Kandes…

We went to see both our mothers and delivered some beautiful hanging baskets for their mother’s day gifts.

The weather was gorgeous and we spent a lot of time outdoors. As an added treat Doug cooked dinner for us last night (although I wasn’t able to eat much because by then I wasn’t feeling too hot). He’s such a sweetie.

Hope all the mommies out there had as nice a weekend as me. 🙂

Diaper Ditching, Potty Training and Lippy 8 Year Olds

My darling little Emma has decided that clothing is no longer an option. Literally. She never wants to wear clothing anymore! Even diapers…I didn’t think I had to worry about the diapers, but I was sadly mistaken.

As of lately, Emma will wear her clothes for an hour or two and then she starts whipping things off. If she can’t get the clothing off on her own, she’ll tug and pull at it until someone takes it off for her.

Two mornings ago I walked into my bedroom to get dressed and the was a diaper on my bed, so I tracked down Emma and lifted her nightgown only to find her completely naked underneath. Fortunately I think I caught her before she pottied anywhere…

I swear my child is a budding nudest.

Taylor, on the other hand, is beginning to progress with her potty training. After many months of being plateaued ( Plateaued…Is that a word? If not, it is now.) things are starting to improve. It seems like she is able to “hold it” longer than she has been. Most mornings she is waking up dry ( funny, that always seemed to be the hard part with Aaron) and she is having 1 to 2 accidents a day (if any)…a definite improvement from 3-5 accidents a day. A couple of days this week she was dry 24 hours or more and I didn’t even have to put her on the potty every hour on the hour.

So now after almost 8 months of plugging away at this potty training thing, we are getting some good results. I knew it would be a process and that’s why I haven’t/won’t give up. If I do, yeah, it’ll be easier on me and Doug, but it could be bad for Taylor. Trial and error is how she learns and I wouldn’t want to have her regress just to have to relearn all that she has learned if we were to quit potty training. I was really hoping to have her fuly trained by 4 (July). If she keeps on the trend she’s on now, she could be, but even to have her close will make me happy.

Now for my rant about my lippy 8 year old. Sometimes I am so glad that kid is in school all day. Even so, that sanctuary will be ending soon and I’ll have to face another glorious summer with the child who knows everything (well, at least he thinks he does). Don’t get me wrong, I love Aaron to death and for the most part he’s a great kid. But there’s times when his additude and smart mouth get the best of him.

What I hate is when he insists that I am wrong about something and he is right, but he’s clearly wrong. I have even looked up things on the internet to prove I am right and then he tells me “You think I’m stupid.” or “You don’t love me.” and all the other things that kids says to hurt their parents. This kid won’t be a teenager for another 4 1/2 years (Lord help me then) and he’s already playing those games with us. I swear I will have completely grey hair by the time that child graduates high school. Either that or it will have fallen out.

Ahh…the joys of motherhood.

Speaking of that, this weekend is mother’s day weekend, so Happy Mother’s Day! Be good to your moms…and if you are a mom…milk it for all it’s worth, I know I will!