Father Daughter Dance

Every year our school district’s PTO puts on a Father Daughter dance.  Even though this is Emma’s third year in school (Young 5’s , K, 1st grade) it’s the first time her and Doug have gone.  The theme for the night was 80’s.  I was actually so disappointed when I heard that.  I know it was meant for fun, but I think the 80’s were so tacky.  So I gave Emma the option of dressing 80’s or picking out a nice dress and accessories to wear.  She (thankfully!) chose the latter.

Last night was the night.  Emma was so excited all day.  The dance was all she could talk about.  We started with her hair.



All this took an hour and a half.  She loved it, though.  She said “Mom, I look like a princess!”

Next came the dress, shoes and accessories.  I think I may have a diva in training.


Then we added a surprise accessory (from her grandpa).



Lastly, we had to get a photo of the lovely couple.


I do not have any photos of the dance itself.  Doug said there had to have been 300 people there!  For a small town, that’s a huge turnout! 

Emma had a blast.  They went to dinner before the dance and she made it 2 of the 2 and a half hours of the dance before she was ready to come home.   I have a feeling that they will both remember this night for the rest of their lives.


You may be wondering why only Emma went to the dance.  Unfortunately, Taylor does not attend school in the district, so she can’t attend.  It’s not a huge deal, though, because Taylor hates crowds and loud music, so she probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as Emma.  But no worries, Taylor had her Father Daughter outing with Doug last weekend.


They went to see The Croods!  Taylor really loves going to the movies (which is something I never thought we would be able to do with her.) and she really enjoyed it!  Doug said she was really engaged in the movie and even put her puzzle piece down near the end and gave it her full attention!  Go Taylor!


Doug really enjoyed the time spent with his girls.  They are growing up so quickly and he treasures every moment spent with them!

A Night Out For Mom and Dad

Doug and I got the chance to get of the house tonight sans children. It doesn’t happen often, so when it does, we enjoy it immensly. Tonight we went to see the movie Premonition

with Sandra Bullock

and Julian McMahon. Doug and I both really enjoyed this movie. I won’t go into details, but there is a lot of mystery and suspense in the entire film. Plus, I love both Sandra and Julian (still hooked on him from his time as Cole Turner on Charmed).

After the movie, we went to the bowling alley, only to be told that there was not any opening until 11:30…it was, like 8:45…so that was out…but we stayed and played some arcade games. Doug kicked my butt at air hockey and some hunting game. Well, actually he beat me at everything we played!

Afterwards, we were going to go to Quiznos (there is one in the bowling alley), but they were closed…at 9 o’ clock on a Saturday night! I was not happy (only cause things weren’t going my way!!). So we went to Taco Bell ( the same one where Doug and I had our first official meal as husband and wife…lol).

We came home after that, and my father in law was still sane, so things here went well. I was kind of worried that Emma might throw a fit since she doesn’t get left with a sitter too much anymore now that I am not working. She did really well, so I think she’s actually grown out of that phase (thank heavens!).

So, our night was nothing too spectacular, but as parents of three we have learned to cherish any alone time we get. We had fun and that’s all that matters.