A Taste of Summer


This past weekend was the best we’ve had in about 6 months.  We welcomed the warm air and sunshine with open arms.

We worked in our (soon to be) garden, went to the park, played T-ball, planted strawberries and roses, ate outdoors, smiled, laughed and loved.

Reality set in quickly today as we returned to our regular routines of school, work and housecleaning.

Now that I’ve had a taste of summer, I want more.


Someone Hand Me a Blanket!

It’s 60 degrees and rainy. 

I’m cold. 

I feel like putting on sweat pants and a t-shirt and curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and hot cocoa.

But, dude, it’s September.

And technically, it’s still summer.

I remember being so excited this past spring when it hit 60 degrees.

I even blogged about it. 

And now, less than a week after it was 94 degrees, it is now 60.

I really hope this is permanent.

Actually, I know it’s not.

It’s supposed to be in the 70’s the rest of this week.

That’s good.

Any more weather like this just might depress me.  😦


On a happy note, I took some really cute photos of my girls over the weekend.





Aaron didn’t want his photo taken, but I did edit a few from a few months back…



I printed some of these off and framed them.  They look GORGEOUS!

Hoping to have some more edited soon, so I’ll post them when I get them done.


So tell me, what do you think?

My New Zoom Lens

Over the weekend I had to replace my zoom lens for my camera.  I got it the same day as I got the camera, but it never really worked right.  It was a Sigma 70-210mm lens.  I really liked it, but it’s no good having the lens if I can’t use it.

We decided to go a step up with this lens.  It’s a Sigma 70-300mm lens

I love it.

Not only does it take excellent photos, but it also has a macro feature that the other lens didn’t have.

I know that probably none of this makes much sense, so I did a little experiment to show how much of a difference it makes in terms of how close I can get to an object.

My standard 18-55mm lens vs. my 70-300mm zoom lens. 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Taken with my 18-55mm lens (the lens that came with the camera). No zoom.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Taken with my 18-55mm lens. Full zoom.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Taken with my 70-300mm. No zoom.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Taken with my 70-300mm. Full zoom.

All photos were taken from the same place on my porch.

Too cool, huh?

Now I just need some warmer weather so I can really get out there and start shooting. Fun, fun!

Random Blurbs

Not too much to report about on this insanely cold day. 

Did I mention that it’s cold here?  When I woke up this morning it was -2.  Wind chill was -19.  My poor son had to walk to school in that.  I am happy to report that all his fingers and toes are infact intact

So, now at, um, almost 4 o’clock, we have warmed up to a balmy 16 degrees.  But it feels like 3.  {shiver}  On the bright side, it’s been sunny (pardon the pun) and that’s always nice, especially in January.

Enough about the weather…

I posted a video of Taylor today on Life Unscripted.  It’s the first (of many, I hope) one I posted of her and it turned out really good.

I also posted details about a fun, new project that I’m starting over at Say Cheese or Else.

I found out on Wednesday that Kristi and Rob (sis and BIL) are going to have a little girl!  Yay, a neice for me!  She’s now 20 weeks along and is due in mid June.  I am super excited for her.  Actually, I think that I’m glad it’s not me… 🙂 … no, really, I loved being pregnant and having little babies around, but it’s not for me anymore.  I’m going to get a refresher, though, because I am going to do daycare for them when Kris goes back to work.  Who better than family to watch the wee one?

Aaron got his report card for the 1st semester.  He is doing very well (as always).  So far, school seems to come easy for him and I am glad for that.

Aaron also has his Pinewood Derby this weekend.  He and Doug have been working on his car for the last week or so.  He is very excited about racing it.  I’ll post some pics of the event later.

Emma is Emma.  She’s continuing to do well on the potty and she knows it.  She’s very smug about the fact that she can “make tinkles in the potty”.  She lets everyone know about it, too.

Wouldn’t you?

So that pretty much sums everything up. 

It’s been a busy week and I’m sure the weekend won’t be much better.  It never is.

Pictures from the Park

Today was the last real nice day we are going to have for a while. Temps rose to the lower 70’s, which was so nice. Tomorrow we are only going to have highs in the upper 30’s (with a possibility of snow) and it’s going to continue into next week.

So we decided to take the kids to the park to let them run off some of their energy.

They all had so much fun. I had three very sleepy kiddos this evening. I seriously cannot believe that after a day like today that tomorrow I’ll be breaking out the winter gear again. It’s so unfair.

Not much more to report…we are partially through spring break and I am still (mostly) sane. Emma made it through her 18 month check up with flying colors. She’s now 33 1/4 in. tall (which is tall for her age) and 25 lbs. 8 1/2 oz. (which is about average). She only had 1 shot…the last until she is 4 (except for a yearly flu shot). YAY!

Aaron starts little league on the 10th. He’s really excited about that.

Taylor has been really verbal this week. She was repeating ” I do” over and over today. I’m not sure why really, she was really just “talking” to herself. But at this point, I’ll take anything.

Self Portrait Tuesday

Started by Missy

and Stevie

I hate doing self portraits…I rarely get them to where I like them…a lot of issues there. But, I’m a joiner, so I took a pic of myself to post. Mind you, I’m in my frumpy pj’s…lol. At least the hoodie hides them for the most part.

Blah! I must have taken like 15 pics…and this was the best… Oh well! On an unrealted note, spring began at 8:07 pm tonight…pretty lame that I know the exact time spring starts, but in my defense, it’s not like I looked it up on the internet or anything…I heard it on the 11 o’clock news last night. Just in time, we are going to start getting a warm up tomorrow. No 70’s yet, but we’ll have 60’s by this weekend, which is a heck of a lot better that the 40’s!

A Taste of Spring

Even though I know it is only going to last a day or so, I have to brag…it’s gorgeous here in Michigan! Right now the temperature is 70 degrees and there isn’t a cloud in the sky (and still some snow on the ground…lol). Oh, warm weather, how I have missed you!

Went to Walmart with Emma this morning and bought both girls sandals and sunglasses. Emma loves her glasses, but Taylor could care less about them. I figured she wouldn’t like them, but I wanted to be fair. I did get some cute pictures (more of Emma than Taylor).

As you can see, Tay was thrilled with her new sunglasses…

On the way home from the store.

These last two were taken after we got Tay off the bus. I stopped to get a picture of the both of them when Emma took off…then she tripped and landed in the mud…nice. I never did get that picture!

After Aaron and Doug get home we are going to get out of the house and enjoy this weather! We deserve to after all the cold, snow, sleet, rain and ice we’ve had to endure for the last 3 months!


I haven’t done much posting on this blog all week due to color week, so I am going to take a few minutes to rant.

IT’S REALLY FREAKING COLD IN MICHIGAN!!!! I realize we’ve had it pretty good all winter and just recently started to get the snow and really cold temps, but I’m over it already…I want 75 degrees again! Right now (it’s about 10:30) it’s 7 degrees with a wind chill of -9. I wasn’t lying! And from what I’ve been hearing, it’s gonna get worse. We are currently under a Winter Storm Warning, which will undoubtedly dump more unneeded snow on top of the 10 inches or so that we already have…yippee skippy.

I’m really looking forward to Sunday morning when it’s going to dip to -3…should be the highlight of the weekend.

Ok. That’s my rant. I promise not to gripe about the weather again at least for another week. 🙂 Actually I might actually start a countdown to spring…it’ll give me something to do.

Note: I did add a Spring Ticker to my page…the countdown is on!