Six Weeks

Six weeks from today, I will be putting on my running shoes and running in my very first “official” 5k race. I am getting so excited!  Every time I run, I feel like I’m pushing myself a little harder, trying to get a better time.  I’m still pretty slow by runner’s standards, with my best time being about 40 minutes.  But, I look at it this way: last year at this time I was well over 300 pounds and I couldn’t run 50 yards.  I’ve lost over 80 pounds with at least another 100 to go. So I’m a little slow? Not my biggest priority.  Finishing the race is my biggest priority.  I can worry about speed next year.

My next biggest priority is fundraising for the race.  I normally hate fundraising, but for this, I’m making an exception.  I’m running in the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure in memory of my Mother, who lost her fight with cancer almost a year ago.  Losing her was the most devastating thing that’s ever happened to me.  I took my grief and turned it into positive things. The lifestyle change, the running, things I should have done years ago.  I made them happen. 

Another thing that I want to make happen, is to reach my fundraising goal for this race.  Right now I’ve raised $260 of my $500 goal.  With your help, I can make this goal and beyond!  Please help me make this possible!

Should you feel inclined to donate, you may do so here.

Thanks so much!


(This post was originally published at She’s Losing It on April 07, 2013)

I’m Losing It

A few months back, I casually mentioned that I was losing weight.  Well, I’m still at it.  I haven’t shared any photos here yet, but I think it’s high time I do.



This was Mother’s Day last year.  Despite my smile, I was miserable.  I had just lost my  Mom.  Plus, I looked terrible.  I was tipping the scales at 332 pounds.  The day after this photo was taken, I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle.



Photo Feb 07, 11 32 11 AM

These are my most recent photos.  I am down 76.8 pounds, so I weigh 255.2.  I still have 105.2 pounds left to lose, but I already feel so much better about myself.  I have more energy, I love exercise, I look better, I can run and am participating in at least 2 5K runs this year.  All that and more in just 9 months.

I will post my progress here occasionally, but if you want to follow along, check out my  blog She’s Losing It.  You can also find me on My Fitness Pal, user name cjmcmillan.



So, I just realized that it’s been a month and a half since I last posted.  Oops.  Sorry about that.  I’ve been super busy.  Doug had surgery on October 12 and has been on medical leave ever since (he goes back to work on Monday 😦 Boo!) Once he started feeling better we started using our kid free days to run errands and get a jump on our Christmas shopping.  (We are almost done!  Yay!)

I also have been blogging on another site.  It’s a weight loss blog. My weight loss blog.  I know, crazy, right?  After my Mom died I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle.  I was sick of being held back by my weight and wanted to get healthy.  I didn’t announce it here because at first it was private.  As I got more involved and started to lose weight, I created the weight loss blog.  I wanted it to be a separate entity from this blog.  If you feel inclined, check it out! It’s called She’s Losing It.  I’m down 62 pounds as of today with about 122 to go to get to my goal.

Aaron’s birthday is on Sunday.  He’s going to be 14.  OMG, right?  I have no idea how he went from this:


to this:


so quickly.  Ugh.  That makes me feel old.  Especially since 9 days after Aaron turns 14, I turn 33.  I am learning to embrace my age, though.  That’s one of the things that I’m taking away from this year.  I’m going to enjoy life to the fullest and regret nothing.  Life is way to short for regrets.

I’m going to get caught up on my Project 52, also.  I’m still taking photos, but just haven’t been posting them.

It’s great to be back!